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Learning Strategy Search - Short Term, Completed

  • Search target: finding a specific quote about learning that goes roughly "If you can read and understand the work of the world's foremost leading expert in a subject, you can make yourself the second leading expert".  Quote believed to be in a book or website about Frank Abagnale Jr. or Ferdinand Waldo Demara.
  • Search result: http://www.winwenger.com/bootstrp.htm
  • Information source used: http://www.google.com
  • Search strategy employed: "but if you can understand"+"second leading expert" 
  • Evaluation of material: I'd forgotten this website existed.  An interesting collection of learning strategies, beyond just the one involving the quote I recalled.  Also links to other related websites on enhanced learning strategies, such as Genius by Design, the site I was recalling the Abagnale and Demara association from.
  • Paraphrased ideas or direct quotes: "When you read and understand the work of a world’s leading expert, you can become the world’s second-leading expert."
  • What have I learned?: Finding this quote would have been impossible if I hadn't given up on the idea that it was in a book or website associated with Abagnale or Demara.  Only by removing those names as search terms was I able to locate the quote.
  • Ideas for next search: Go back to searching for generalized learning techniques and learning strategies rather than searching for material on Abagnale or Demara.  Particularly focus on Renaissance Men and geniuses.
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Otherkin Community Search - Long Term, Ongoing

  • Search Target: All active sites/forums/etc that are part of the otherkin community
  • Search Results: http://houseofchimeras.livejournal.com/73908.html
  • Information source used: blekko.com
  • Search strategy employed: "phantom wings" "phantom limbs"
  • Evaluation of material: Interesting personal blog.  Also pointed me to http://withintheruins.webs.com/
  • Paraphrased ideas or direct quotes: Not applicable, at the moment.
  • What have I learned?:   Phantom wings is a fairly good search term for finding sites about otherkin.  It requires the addition of additional terms, however, to restrict it to just applicable results.  Otherwise you get a lot of strange, irrelevant references.
  • Ideas for next search: Are there other terms that are fairly specific to the otherkin community?  I've used "Awakening" before, but I haven't found much with that.  Perhaps pairing "phantom limbs" or "phantom wings" and "awakening" might get more results?  "True Form" also might work, coupled with any of these terms.  Still trying to think of others, I've been using these terms so long that they don't stick out in my mind anymore.  Perhaps Orion's jargon file would be helpful.